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Aqsiq Application Registration

  Before exporting scrap materials to Chinese Mainland,the oversea company must register AQSIQ in china,our company can help the oversea company obtain the certification.

   We fast professional agent at the AQSIQ certificate of imported waste materials up service, 100% success rate; provide AQSIQ certificate of registration of imported waste materials and by item, change, extension services.

submit the following written materials:

A. 《Application Form for Registration of Overseas Supplier Enterprises of Imported Scrap Materials》application for registration shall be a legal representative of the original manual signatures and corporate seal, must provide the original.

B. tax registration documents notarized, a business registration documents need to provide notarized business registration documents: document refers to the application for tax registration business tax registration certificate, business registration document refers to the application for business registration business registration documents and special operations (copy or original). In addition to Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, foreign suppliers outside the region, tax registration and business registration documents are required to file a notarized copy. Submitted registration documents and notarization content required in Chinese translation. Legal Affairs Bureau in Japan over the commercial register issued by the reputation of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KAMER VAN KOOPHANDEL) version of the commercial paper issued by the registration documents and Australia ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) issued the business registration document (the need for ASIC officials hand signature) also needs to be translated into Chinese.

C. organizations, departments and job responsibilities of the description: refers to the quality control involved in the management of departments and their job responsibilities, you can use text, you can also use the block diagram representation.
D. indicate the size of a fixed office space plan, there are processing sites, site plan needs to provide processing, can fully show the real site video files or 8 more photos: refers to the fixed office space and processing site address, marked dimensions and units of measurement plans, and the site is true and complete video files, or eight or more complete picture of the site photos;
E. ISO9001 quality management system certification or RIOS system color copies and other related operational guidance document: refers to the official or third-party review by the institutional review system received certification, such as: ISO9001 quality management system, RIOS certification system, etc. Please provide color copies of the certificate, together with Chinese translation. At the same time, provide standardized operational guidance document.


AQSIQ Certificate Sample
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 AQSIQ download the application form in English

 Solid wastes as raw materials imported foreign suppliers Implementing Rules for registration

oreign suppliers currently approved aqsiq registered a total of 2563 full list
The AQSIQ certificate method of identification guide

specific circumstances ,pls Asked to Mr Zhao.      

Note: Our foreign language spoken is not good, you need to consult
You can send E-mail contact (foreign language) or phone (find a person familiar with Chinese language)
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