Foreign enterprises to set up companies registered in China application documents


ired documents

1 Company Name: Provide 5
(2) individual shareholders passport and Chinese translations of five; the other on its business in a foreign residential address to shareholders, provided that the copy of business license and five Chinese translations, and chairman of the company name and description in a foreign country residential address; (Hong Kong companies need a certificate of registration and business registration certificate copy)
3. Notarized certification that the shareholders eligible to file the original one; (where the state notary public and approved by China in the country that (consulate), Hong Kong by the China Legal Service (HK) Limited transmitting seal stamped transfer delivery, mainland public security department issued MTPs without notary)
4 shareholders' funds issued by foreign banks with good credit or no bad records to prove that the original 1
5. The legal representative of five copies of valid identification; inch photo (black and white or color is acceptable); of 18 years Experience
6. Proof of ownership of business premises and tenancy agreements 3 copies (Chaoyang District, Haidian District, to be rent invoice)
7. Director and General Manager, Supervisors passport copy and 3 copies of Chinese translations, the secretary contact ID card 1;
8 describes the scope of company operations and the project profiles (technology, anticipated profitability, working capital, fixed assets, etc.) (Chinese)
9. "Articles of Association"; "application for registration of foreign-funded enterprises set up"; "Company Name pre-approval notice" and "pre-approved list of table names investors"; "Power of Attorney"; "Corporate Secretary (contact)" Registration Form "; undertaking; contract; application; project proposal; feasibility study report; directors appointed office functions; list of the board of directors; power of attorney and other legal documents;
Such as making trade, business stakeholders, to provide another year's financial audit report on

Second, for the process
Name of Trade and Industry Bureau Commerce Bureau approval approved City of Industry, a business license to do Carving ​​Technical Supervision Office Organization Code bank account tax registration

Third, time: 50 days

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