Chinese invention patent application documents


Prepare application documents

Applications for invention patents, the application documents should include: patent request, summary, abstract drawings (where applicable), description, claims, specification drawings (where applicable), each in duplicate.

Involved in amino acid or nucleotide sequences of the invention patent application, the description should include the sequence table, the sequence to the table as a separate part of the specification submitted with the written instructions consecutive page numbers, should also be submitted in line with the provisions of the State Intellectual Property Office records a sequence table in the CD-ROM or floppy disk.

Patent application for utility model, application documents should include: a request for utility model patents, abstract, abstract drawings (where applicable), description, claims, specification drawings, each in duplicate.

Design patent applications, the application documents shall include: design patent request, drawings or photographs (for the protection of color, shall submit color drawings or photographs) and a brief description of the design, each in duplicate. Submit a picture, the two should be a picture, submit photos, two shall be for the photos, pictures or photos shall not be mixed.

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