Chinese trademark registration application required documents


Trademark registration documents required:

1, logo (10 black and white standard sample, standard sample size must not exceed 10cm x 10cm, not less than 5cm x 5cm; If you specify a color, it would take 12 standard color samples, with 2 copies of black and white standard);
2, category and specific product (service) names (are the 6-digit code);
3, identification documents:
A. Company of applications: business license (copy) a copy (with official seal);
B. Personal application: Applicants must be individual business operator's name, must provide identification and individual businesses and business license; if a company, you can not apply for a personal capacity

Basic trademark registration process:
1, the first query of the trademark (trademark registration in order to reduce the potential risk), if not earlier identical or similar trademarks serious, you can prepare application documents, submit an application for registration;
2, submitted applications for trademark registration after 20 days, will be issued and Trademark Office trademark "registration acceptance notice" (in the form reviewed and approved).
3, the form of review after the end of a year or so, mark it into the substantive examination stage.
4, if the mark through substantive examination, it will be a preliminary approval notice (three months);
5, then full notice period, no one raised objections to your trademark (trademark registration to hinder you), you can wait to receive a trademark registration.

Note: a class of an application, a fee for each class

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