Single feed products catalog, "Department of Agriculture Bulletin No. 977."


Ministry of Agriculture Bulletin No. 977 (single-feed product catalog)

Ministry of Agriculture Bulletin No. 977 (single-feed product catalog)

To further standardize a single feed production enterprise management, according to "feed and feed additives regulations" and "feed business establishment of Review," the relevant provisions of our department developed a "single-feed product catalog (2008)," is to be announced.

A, listed in the catalog is the single feed produced by the industrial processing, as a commodity circulation, to a plant, microbes and minerals as a source of feed products. Single feed to meet the safety, efficacy, quality control and do not pollute the environment.
Second, according to "feed production enterprises Review" requirement, a single feed producers should be May 1, 2008, to the provincial feed administrative department for materials declaration.
Third, feed manufacturers are using a single feed should be consistent with relevant provisions, and to take appropriate quality control measures.
Fourth, feed management departments at all levels, not yet included in the "single-feed products catalog," the single feed products should be based on relevant provisions of the regulation.

Ministry of Agriculture

January 23, 2008


Single feed products catalog (2008)



Oil seeds

Soybean meal, peanut meal, cottonseed meal, rapeseed meal, sunflower meal, linseed meal,
Castor seed meal, sesame meal, palm oil cake, fermented soybean meal, cottonseed meal fermentation,
Extruded soybean meal, soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate

Grain and

Wheat bran, rice bran, sub-powder, whole wheat flour, broken rice, corn germ meal,
Corn gluten meal, rice protein powder, wheat gluten meal, corn cob (skin)
Powder, fermented barley

Bad residue

DDGS, distillers grains, monosodium glutamate residue, Marc, starch residue, sugar residue, molasses


Zeolite powder, shell powder, powder (calcium carbonate), sepiolite powder, mineral, bentonite

Pasture and crop straw processed

Processed forage and straw made ​​into the block, powder, granules


Plant roots powder, yeast protein, pea protein powder

  Note: The processed seeds oil cake in the cake with

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