Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine of feed and feed additives, supervision and management methods - hot Q


July 20, 2009, issued "Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine of feed and feed additives, supervision and management measures", and in September 1, 2009 into effect. Since the implementation of the management approach, the relevant enterprises and individuals through the network, telephone consultation on the issues. To facilitate the stakeholders to understand and grasp the related policies, a higher frequency of consultation is now a unified answer the following questions:

1, the management practices required for registration of foreign manufacturers, are not allowed to complete registration before you export to China?

Has been issued "to allow imports of feed the country / region and product list", and is gradually carried out outside the feed production, processing enterprises registered. Completion of registration, the registration of imported feed should come from overseas production, processing enterprises; not yet completed the registration, the exporting country or region and product feed list can continue to export to China.

2, bulk imports of feed tags checking how to operate?

Since March 1, 2010 onwards, according to "imported feed and feed additives label inspection norms", bulk imports of feed (feed grains except temporarily) must be sub-label can be applied in domestic sales. Imported feed label does not meet the requirements to be transported to the place of inspection and quarantine agencies to re-add the specified facilities or correction. In the port of entry inspection and quarantine directly under the seat area, Inspection and Quarantine of feed production and processing enterprises designated for personal use imported feed ingredients in bulk can be directly transported, from affixing labels.

3, intended for export outside the feed manufacturer is not allowed to list the products, how to perform the procedure?

According to "feed and feed additives, import and export inspection and quarantine supervision and management measures", "to allow imports of feed and feed additives, the list of countries and regions and products," and supporting documents, foreign manufacturers are not allowed to be exported in the list of products can be made to exporters where the country's official authority proposed by the exporting countries to submit applications to the Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, risk analysis, based on risk analysis, adjusted and promulgated to allow the development of the country or region imported feed and feed products from the list of categories.

4, feed production enterprises registered outside the work carried out?

Feed production for foreign companies registered in accordance with the work, "Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine of feed and feed additives supervision and management measures" Articles 10 to article 14. Foreign manufacturers must apply for registration inspection and quarantine department in charge of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection recommended to take the official cooperative manner.

5, which imports of feed the Ministry of Agriculture need to apply for and obtain "imported feed and feed additives, product registration card"?

According to the Ministry of Agriculture "imported feed and feed additive registration management approach" to go through and get "imported feed and feed additives, product registration card" products include:

(1) feed: pet food, including dry food and wet food (canned)

(2) concentrated feed

(3) pre-mixed feed additive

(4) feed supplement

(5) feed additives: "feed additives that catalog (2008)" (Ministry of Agriculture Bulletin No. 1126), as listed in the catalog but the producer has approved the production and use of feed additive products for the needs assessment of registered products.

(6) animal feed

(7) single-feed: fat powder (plant source), feed use of inactivated yeast powder, soy protein hydrolysis, fermentation of soybean flour, potato protein powder and fermented products, extruded soybean meal, DDGS and DDG, etc., and by special processing Process a single feed products;

(8) other protein feed, energy, feed, and mixtures thereof (excluding bulk feed ingredients such as soybean meal, palm meal, etc.).

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