Pesticide labels and instructions means the Ministry of Agriculture Decree No. 8


Ministry of Agriculture Order No. 8

"Measures for the Administration of pesticide labels and instructions," been December 6, 2007 Department of Agriculture 15th executive meeting, is hereby promulgated, and January 8, 2008 shall come into force.
Minister Sun Zhengcai
December 8, 2007

Management practices of pesticide labels and instructions

Chapter I General Provisions

First to regulate pesticide labels and instructions, improve the pesticide registration system, according to the "Pesticide Management Regulations", "pesticide regulations to implement measures" to develop this approach.
Article in the People's Republic of sales of pesticide products, their labels and instructions should be consistent with this regulation.
Article The term labels and instructions on the packaging refers to pesticides or pesticide packaging attached to text, graphics, symbols, instructions explain all the things pesticide content.
Pesticide products in the packaging material should be printed or labeled surface. Package size is too small, labeling the contents can not be marked with the provisions, it shall be accompanied by appropriate instructions.
Article pesticide labels and instructions by the Ministry of Agriculture pesticide registration review and approval. Pesticide registration applications submitted by pesticide product label should be proof. Inconsistent with label instructions, the instructions should also be submitted sample. Applicants should be instructions on the label and the authenticity of the content, scientific, responsible for the accuracy.
Ministry of Agriculture decided to approve the registration of pesticides, while release of the pesticide label and explanatory notes. Sample labels and instructions marked on the approved date, stamped "Ministry of Agriculture Pesticide Registration Approval Seal."
Article labeling and content should be authentic, standardized, accurate, and its text, symbols, patterns should be easy to identify and read, are not allowed to paste, cut, altered, etc. to modify or supplement.
Article labels and instructions published by the State should use standardized Chinese characters, Pinyin, or can use other words. The meaning of other written expression should be consistent with the character.

Chapter contents mark

Article label should indicate the name of the pesticide, active ingredient and content, formulation, pesticide registration number or a temporary registration number of pesticides, pesticide production license or approval document for Pesticide Production, product standards, the business name and contact information, production date, batch number, expiry date, weight, performance, usage, use of technology and use, toxicity and identity, attention, poisoning, first aid, storage and transport methods, pesticide category, such as topographic maps and other requirements approved by the Ministry of Agriculture marked content.
Products accompanied by instructions, the instructions should mark the entire contents of the preceding paragraph; pesticide label should be marked at least the name, dosage form, pesticide registration number or a temporary registration number of pesticides, pesticide production license or approval document for Pesticide Production, product standards number, weight, production date, batch number, expiry date, company name and contact information, toxicity, and identification, and indicate "see manual" words.
Rodenticide product labels should also be printed on or affixed to the provisions of rodenticides patterns and anti-counterfeit labels.
Packing of pesticide products, the label should be used with the manufacturers label the same, and also marked packing company name and contact information, packaging and registration number, pesticide-packing production license number or approval document for Pesticide Production, packing date, expiry date calculated from the date of production.
Article name of the pesticide should be simplified using a common name or common name, the direct use of health pesticide formulations in order to function as the product described in words and names. Pesticide name naming and directory separately.
Not yet included in the list of pesticide formulations, pesticide applicant shall name naming names to the Department of Agriculture pesticide recommendations made by the Ministry of Agriculture approved before use.
Article IX of imported pesticide products are sold directly, you can not label or pesticide production license approval document for Pesticide Production, product standards.
Article corporate name refers to the manufacturer's name, contact information including address, zip code, telephone and so on.
Chinese imports of pesticide products should be used to indicate the country of origin (or region) name, producer name, and in our office or agency name, address, zip code, telephone and so on.
In addition to the name of the Regulations of organization, the label shall mark the name of any other organization.
Production date should be in accordance with Article XI year, month, day order mark, with four-digit year, month, day, respectively, with two digits.
Article XII of validity period to ensure product quality, said the effective date or expiration date.
Article XIII of the weight should be used, said the state's legal units of measurement. Volume of liquid pesticide products can also be said; specific pesticide products, according to its characteristics, said in an appropriate manner.
Article XIV performance products including the basic nature, function, role characteristics, the performance of the pesticide product description shall not approve the use of pesticide registration and control of the object does not match.
Article XV purposes, use of technology and the use of methods including for crops or use of, control objects and the application time, dose, frequency and methods.
For field crops, the use of doses used per hectare, said the amount of the product formulation, and in brackets the amount of preparation or dilution mu. For trees and other crops, the use of dose using the total amount of active ingredient, said concentration, and dilution of preparations in brackets; seed treatment agent dosage use of pesticides and seed quality than that. Special use of pesticides, the use of pesticide dose expression should be registered with the approval of the contents of the agreement.
Article XVI toxicity is divided into highly toxic, highly toxic, moderate toxicity, low toxicity, toxic micro-five levels, respectively, "" logo and "highly toxic" word, "" logo and "highly toxic" character, "" logo and "Medium poison" words, "" identity, "slightly toxic" word mark. Logo should be black, descriptive text should be red.
By the highly toxic, highly toxic pesticide formulations processed products, the toxicity level and the highest toxicity level of the original drugs is inconsistent, they should also use brackets to the original drug's highest toxicity level.
Article XVII Notes should be marked the following:
(A) field with pesticides
1 product safety need to be clear interval shall be marked with the interval of each crop production cycle and the maximum number of application;
(2) after the crop production influential, its impact and should be marked only after the crop or crops can not grow crop after crop, the time interval;
3 on crop injury prone, or prone to pest resistance, should identify the main causes and prevention;
4 of beneficial organisms (such as bees, birds, silkworms, earthworms, predators and fish, Daphnia and other aquatic organisms) and environment prone to adverse effects, should be clearly stated, and use precautions mark, application equipment cleaning requirements , scraps and waste packaging of pharmaceutical treatment;
5 are known and can not mix other substances such as pesticides used, it should be marked;
6 on the packaging of pharmaceutical spill or prone to injury, it should be marked on the right way;
7. When applied security measures should be taken;
8 The state regulations prohibit the use of pesticides, crop or range.
(B) the health of pesticides
To humans and animals, the environment prone to hazards, preventive measures should be described and marked.
Article 18 of the poisoning, first aid measures should include symptoms and ingested, inhaled, splashed into the eyes, skin contaminated with pesticide after the first aid and treatment measures and so on.
There are specific antidotes, it should be marked, and marked medical advice.
With conditions, can indicate poisoning emergency Tel.
Article 19, including storage and transport methods should be stored when the light, temperature, humidity, ventilation requirements and environmental conditions such as loading and unloading, transportation of the notes, and prominently marked "away from children", "not with food, beverages, food, mixed feed storage "and other warning content.
Diershitiao pesticide category should use the appropriate symbol with text and color characteristics, said.
Different types of pesticides used on the label with the bottom edge of the bottom plus a parallel, non-fading characteristics of color logo with that.
Herbicide use "herbicide" and a green belt that; insecticide (mites, molluscs) agents use "pesticides" or "miticide", "kill mollusks agent" and a red belt, said; sterilization (nematodes ) agents with the "antiseptic" or "nematicide" and a black belt, said; plant growth regulators with "plant growth regulator" and a yellow belt, said; rodenticide use "rat poison" and a blue with that; insecticide / fungicide use "pesticides / fungicides," the words, red and black belt said. Description of the kind of pesticides should be embedded in the logo text to bring, in sharp contrast with the color.
Twenty-one shaped like a map should be used according to product safety measures need to choose, but not necessary to replace the label text.
Shaped like the actual figure should be based on product requirements and order of operations, including storage, like topographic maps, operations such as topographic maps, topographic maps as advice, warnings, such as topographic maps. Shaped like a map should be printed in black and white two colors, usually the bottom of the label, its size should be coordinated with the size of the label.
Article 22 of the original drug product labels may not mark the use of technology and use.
Article 23 The direct use of the health characteristics of pesticides may not be marked with a color logo and the like-shaped figure.
Article 24 shall not mark any label with publicity, advertising, text colors, symbols, patterns, and shall not be awarded the honorary title of mark companies. Laws, rules or regulations as otherwise provided, shall apply.

Chapter III production, use and management

Article 25 highly toxic, highly toxic pesticide products, pharmaceutical products may not be used with (such as oral solution) is similar to the packaging, and other pesticide products and pharmaceutical products using similar packaging, warning labels should be clearly marked as content or form of map.
Article 26 Chinese characters on the label font height of not less than 1.8 mm, toxicity identification should be visible.
Article 27 The name of the pesticide should be significant, highlighting, font, size, color should be consistent and meet the following requirements:
(A) for the horizontal version of the label, the label should be within the upper third of the middle of a significant mark; the vertical version of the label, the label should be within the right side of the middle third was significantly marked;
(B) not use cursive, Seal and so difficult to identify the font, not italic, hollow, shadows and other forms of modification of the font;
(C) the font color and background color should be in stark contrast;
(D) Apart from the packaging size limit can not peer writing, the writing may not branch.
Article 28 active ingredients and formulations in the name of the pesticide should be prominently marked just below the (horizontal version of the label) or are on the left (vertical version of the label) adjacent to each other (direct use of the health mark with pesticide formulations can not name), font height of not less than the name of the pesticide's half.
Mixed formulations of total active ingredient content should be marked and a variety of active ingredients of the common name and content. The generic name and active ingredient content should be prominently marked in the name of the pesticide directly below the (horizontal version of the label) or are on the left (vertical version of the label), font, size, color should be consistent, the name of the font height of not less than two-thirds of pesticides one.
Article 29 The use of trademarks or labels used in this provision allows corporate awards and honorary titles, it should be marked on the label of the edge or corner; containing text, the word name of an area no larger than the word pesticide area.
Article 30 shall not appear on the label and instructions without the use of registration and control of object patterns, symbols, text.
第三十一条 approved labeling and instructions, pesticide production, the operators are not allowed to change the label content. Need to modify the labels and instructions, should be reported to the Ministry of Agriculture re-approval.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture pesticide products arising from the use of the safety and effectiveness issues, may require pesticide manufacturers to modify labels and instructions, and re-approval.
Article 32 to apply labels or instructions to change the content, the reasons shall be in writing changes and submit the revised label and instructions proofs. Ministry of Agriculture within 20 working days to complete an examination to be approved by the public.
Applicants receiving approval of the label and instructions to re-sample, it should return the original sample labels and instructions.
Article 33 re-approved labeling and instructions for three months, the pesticide manufacturers may continue to use the original label and instructions.
Violation of Article 34 measures, according to "pesticide regulations" the relevant provisions of punishment.

Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions

Article 35 These Measures shall be January 8, 2008 shall come into force. Registered label or instructions inconsistent with this approach, should apply for re-approval to the Ministry of Agriculture. Since July 1, 2008, the production of pesticides, pesticide manufacturers are not allowed to use the product does not comply with the provisions of the labels and instructions.

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