Import feed and feed additive registration application documents


Imported feed and feed additives to change registration documents


Required to submit the following application materials (in Chinese and English, the English original issued by the manufacturer must provide the original):

(1) "imported feed and feed additive application form

(2) approved by the producing country (region) in the country (region) allows the production of proof of sales in other countries (regions), registration information (notarized and confirmation)

(3) issued by the manufacturer to the agent the commission registration authorization

(4) the product composition of raw materials, effective content and physical and chemical description of the nature

(5) The process flow diagram and a description of the manufacturing methods

(6) quality standards, test methods and three batches of the product samples and test reports

(7) the scope of products, dosage and the attention to matters

(8) label, packaging, specifications, instructions storage precautions and shelf life

(9) the need to submit the following information for the producing country (region) registration or the exporting country (region) has approved the production and use, but China has not yet allow the use of the product, the registration should be reviewed by experts (one original two photocopies):

①-producing countries (regions) to approve the product or active ingredient used as a feed additive official certificate (photocopy)
② Product Overview
③ Product effective components of the chemical structure of the test reports and animal, plant, microbial classification and identification of report
④ manual proofs
⑤To product stability test report
⑥The products fed the test report and promote the use of report
⑦ The Product Safety Evaluation Test Report
⑧The main reference documents

Note: The submission of documents required in both English In addition to the special provisions, the original and a photocopy of each original English version to the original issued by the manufacturer and product samples.

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