Health food imported to China license application documents


Health food exports to China license application documents


Imported health food products registration information:

First, the imported health food registration application form;
Second, the applicants ID card, business license or other proof of legal registration agency copy;
Third, to provide for registration of health food generic name registered with the name of the drug has been approved by the same name does not retrieve materials from the State Food and Drug Administration Government website database search;
Fourth, the applicant has obtained the patent to others does not constitute an infringement of the guarantee;
Fifth, to provide trademark registration documentation is not available without the registered trademark;
6, the product R & D reports, including research and development ideas, feature selection process, expected results, etc.;
Seven, the product formula and formula based on raw materials and auxiliary materials; source of raw materials and auxiliary materials and use basis;
Eight functional components / landmark composition, content and functional components / symbolic composition of the inspection methods;
Nine, sketch and detailed description of the production process and related research materials;
Ten, product quality standards and the preparation of instructions, including raw materials, excipients;
XI, direct contact with the product packaging material type, name, and selected on the basis of quality standards;
XII inspection agency issued the test report and related information, including:
1, the test application form;
2, notice of acceptance testing unit testing;
3, safety toxicology test report;
4, functional learning test report;
5, stimulants, illicit drugs test report declared alleviate physical fatigue, lose weight, improve the function of growth and development of applications for registration;
6, the effectiveness of component testing report;
7, stability test report;
8, Hygiene test report;
9, other inspection reports, such as: material identification report, strains virulence test reports;
XIII, product labels, brochures comp;
Fourth, the other helps the product review information;
Fifth, the minimum selling two unopened packaged samples;
XVI-producing countries of the region issued by the relevant agencies in accordance with local production companies manufacturing practices relevant supporting documents;
XVII by the foreign companies based in China representative office registration services should be provided "on behalf of foreign companies based in China Registration Certificate" copy; foreign manufacturers commissioned within the agency responsible for registration issues, the need to provide notarized The original power of attorney and the agency entrusted with business license;
Eighth, product production and sales in the producer regions more than one year certificate, the documents should be approved by the producing country (region of the notary public and the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the country to confirm;
Ninth, producing regional or international organization concerned with product-related standards;
XX products listed in the producer regions used in packaging, labeling, instructions is kind;
Twenty-first, three consecutive batches of samples, their number three times the amount required for the test;


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