Overseas enterprises import measuring instruments type review directory


No. 5 of 2006 on the disclosure of "type review of the PRC imported measurement instruments catalog," the announcement

Under the "supervision and management methods imported measurement instruments' provisions of Article IV, Bureau of Amendment I of the" People's Republic of imported measurement instruments reviewed directory type "(hereinafter referred to as the new directory), are to be announced August 1, 2006 date of implementation.

From now on, not included in the new directory of measuring instruments, measuring instruments are no longer type approval for import. "People's Republic of imported measurement instruments Regulatory Measures" attached to the original "type of review of the PRC imported measurement instruments catalog" from today abolished.

Source of medical ultrasound, medical laser sources, medical management of radiation sources in accordance with "On a clear medical ultrasound, laser and radioactive sources to inform the scope of supervision and management" (Supervision Bureau in issuing [1998] No. 49) to perform.
January 15, 2006


Appendix: Review type of People's Republic of imported measurement instruments catalog

People's Republic of imported measurement instruments catalog type review

1 range finder: optical distance meter, ultrasonic range finder, hand-held laser range finder;
2. Theodolite: optical theodolite, electronic theodolite;
3 Total Station: the station electronic speed measuring device;
4 Level: Level;
5. Geodetic GPS receiver: geodetic-type GPS receiver;
6 Level Meter: level gauge;
7 Gauge: ultrasonic thickness gauge, X-ray thickness gauges, eddy current thickness gauge, thickness reluctance method, γ-ray thickness gauge;
8 Thermometer: Measuring body temperature infrared thermometer (infrared ear thermometer, infrared body surface temperature rapid screening instrument);
9 radiation thermometer: Working with full radiation temperature sensor, working with a radiation thermometer, 500 ℃ the following work with radiation thermometer;
10 Balance: non-automatic scales;
11. Non-automatic weighing instruments: non-automatic scales, non-self-indicating weighbridge, weighbridge figures indicate;
12-automatic weighing instruments: automatic gravimetric filling scales, continuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments (belt weighers), discontinuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments, dynamic Truck (gross vehicle weight measurement), dynamic weighing rail scale, nuclear belt scales;
13 load cells: load cell;
14 Weight display: Digital weight indicator;
15. Refueling: fuel tanker;
16. Plus air: LPG dispenser, CNG dispenser;
17 meters: the differential pressure flowmeter, velocity flow meter, liquid volumetric flow meter, rotameter, target-style flow transmitter, the critical flow meter, mass flow meters, laminar gas flow sensors, gas waist wheel flowmeters, open channel flow meter weir trough;
18 meter: cold water, hot water meter;
19 Gas Meter: Diaphragm gas meter;
20. Heat Meter: Heat the table;
21. Anemometer: wind anemometer cups lightweight, portable magnetic induction wind anemometer, wind anemometer electrical connection;
22. Sphygmomanometer and blood pressure table: blood pressure, blood pressure tables;
23. Tonometer: indentation tonometer;
24. Pressure gauge: Bourdon tube-type precision pressure gauge and vacuum gauge, Bourdon tube-type general pressure gauge, pressure vacuum gauge and vacuum gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge, record-type pressure gauge, pressure vacuum gauge and vacuum gauge, tire pressure gauge, pressure controller, digital pressure gauge;
25 pressure transmitter and pressure sensor: pressure transmitter, pressure sensor;
26. Oxygen inhalers: buoy type oxygen inhaler;
27 testing machine: pendulum impact testing machine, Izod impact testing machine, the axial loading fatigue testing machine, rotating pure bending fatigue testing machine, tension, pressure, and universal testing machine, non-metallic tension, pressure, and universal testing machine, electronic universal testing machine, universal testing machine of wood, bending testing machine, cupping test machine, torsion testing machine, high temperature creep rupture strength testing machine;
28. Shock and vibration measuring instrument: vibrometer work, noise and vibration pollution into account, the impact of measuring, measuring dynamic pile;
29 guns: motor vehicle radar guns, radar guns fixed angle;
30. Taximeter: taxi meter;
31. Grounding resistance measurement instruments: ground resistance meter, earth resistance tester;
32 Insulation Resistance Meter: Insulation resistance meter (megger), high insulation resistance meter (megger);
33 Leakage Current Meter: Leakage Current Meter (table);
34. Withstanding voltage tester: high voltage tester;
35 meter: AC power meter, electronic meter, time counter and (multi-rate) meter, maximum demand meter, DC to the table;
36 Measuring transformers: Measuring current transformers with a voltage transformer;
37 resistance strain gauge: Resistance strain gauge;
38 field strength meter: interference field strength meter, measuring the electric field near zone;
39. Microwave Radiation and Leakage Meter: Microwave radiation and leakage measurement instrument;
40 heart EEG measurement instruments: ECG, EEG, EEG topographic instrument, ECG;
41 meter phone time: single-and centralized management of decentralized type of phone time billing meter, IC card public telephone time billing device;
42, noise measurement and analysis instruments: sound level meter, noise dosimeter, noise statistics analyzer, personal sound exposure meter, octave and 1 / 3 octave filter;
43. Audiometer: pure tone audiometry, impedance audiometry;
44 medical ultrasound source: Doppler ultrasound fetal monitor ultrasound source, source of medical ultrasound diagnostic ultrasound, medical ultrasound therapy machine ultrasound source, Doppler ultrasound fetal favorite source;
45. Focimeter: focimeter;
46. ​​Optometry machine: optometry machine;
47 Meter: UV light meter, light meter;
48 Medical Laser Source: Medical Laser source;
49 live meter: meter radioactive live with point-like γ standard 152Eu source of germanium γ-spectrometer calibration, low-background α, β measuring instrument, α, β and γ surface contamination meter, γ RIA counter;
50. Environment and Protection dose (rate) Total: environmental monitoring X, γ radiation thermoluminescence dose-measuring device, environmental monitoring with X, γ radiation, air absorbed dose rate meter, radiation protection with the X, γ radiation dose equivalent (rate) meter and monitor, direct-reading electroscope-type personal dosimeter, personal monitoring with X, γ radiation thermoluminescence dose-measuring device, X, γ radiation, personal alarm device, the neutron ambient dose equivalent meter;
51. Dosimeter: therapeutic levels of ionization chamber dosimeter, γ-ray absorbed dose to water standards dosimeters (radiation processing level), γ-ray radiation dosimeter processing work, electron beam radiation dosimeter processing work;
52 medical radiation: external beam radiation therapy, medical diagnostic X-radiation, diagnostic medical equipment computer tomography (CT) X-ray radiation, γ-ray radiation source (radiation processing);
53. Measuring radon: radon monitor;
54. Calorimeter: oxygen bomb calorimeter, flow-type gas calorimeter, differential scanning calorimeter;
55. Saccharimeter: hand-held glucose meter, hand-held refractometer;
56 Conductivity Meter: Conductivity meter;
57. PH meter: Laboratory pH (acidity) meter, marine pH meter;
58. Spectrophotometer: visible spectrophotometer, single beam UV - visible spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer, fluorescence spectrophotometer, dispersive infrared spectrophotometer, ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared spectrophotometer, all differential spectrophotometer;
59. Spectrometer: emission spectrometer, wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer;
60. Polarimeter: polarimeter, optical glucose meter;
61. Chromatograph: gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, ion chromatography, gel chromatography;
62. Turbidimeter: turbidity meter;
63. Soot dust measuring instrument: smoke tester, dust samplers, light scattering digital dust tester;
64 The total suspended particulate samplers: total suspended particulate sampler;
65 Atmospheric sampling: sampling the atmosphere;
66 Water quality analyzers: dissolved oxygen membrane electrode detector, the concentration of oil in water analyzers, chemical oxygen demand (COD) analyzer, automatic analyzer of ammonia, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) gauge, automatic nitrate monitor, total organic carbon analyzer, ion meter;
67 toxic gas detection (alarm) instrument: sulfur dioxide gas detector, hydrogen sulfide gas analyzer, carbon monoxide detector alarm, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide infrared gas analyzer, gas analyzer, chemiluminescence nitrogen oxide analyzer;
68. Inflammable and explosive gas detection (alarm) instrument: combustible gas detection alarm, optical interferometric measuring device of methane catalytic combustion of methane measuring device, catalytic combustion type hydrogen detector;
69 vehicle exhaust gas tester: tester gas emissions from vehicles;
70. Smokemeters: filter type smoke meter transmission type smoke meter;
71 mercury analyzer: mercury analyzer;
72 moisture analyzer: Grain drying method moisture analyzer, capacitance method and grain moisture meter resistance method, raw cotton moisture meter;
73. Breath alcohol detector: breath alcohol detector;
74. Photometer: flame photometer, non-dispersive atomic fluorescence spectrometer;
75. Hematology analyzer: hematology analyzer.


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