Registration of overseas supplier enterprises of cotton policy announcement


Registration of overseas supplier enterprises of cotton policy announcement

No. 87 of 2008

Imports of cotton on the implementation of registration of overseas supplier enterprises announced

To strengthen supervision and management of inspection and quarantine of imported cotton, to prevent the import of cotton shoddy, adulteration and other trade fraud, protect the quality of imported cotton, according to "Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law" and its implementing regulations, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (hereinafter referred to as AQSIQ) decided to enter the foreign cotton supply in China (hereinafter referred to as the overseas supplier enterprises) to implement registration. The relevant requirements are announced as follows:

First, since September 15, 2008 from AQSIQ began accepting overseas supplier enterprises of registration.

(A) the supplier firms applying for registration shall meet the following conditions:

1 Department of the enterprise where the country (region) legitimate business enterprise.

(2) have a stable place of business, and has a certain scale of operation.

3 has a relatively stable source of supply, and that the goods are related to quality control measures.

4 familiar with China's imports of cotton inspection and quarantine regulations and requirements.

5 in the previous year in the cotton trade, there is no serious quality problems, found no harmful substances, no serious consequences of poor record.

(B) the overseas supplier enterprises to the AQSIQ registration application (the agency should provide the overseas supplier enterprises of power of attorney), should be submitted to the relevant provisions of Chinese or Chinese and English written materials:

1 overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton registration.

(2) valid legal documents or copies of business registration.

3 supply the production / operation and quality control of basic materials.

4. AQSIQ requirements and other relevant materials.

(C) the audited submissions meet the requirements, the AQSIQ registration applications received and notify the overseas supplier enterprises.

Applicants need to supplement the material should be one in five working days notify the applicant to make corrections, no correction is made within 20 working days, shall be deemed withdrawn.

(D) of AQSIQ in 2 months accreditation group for the admissibility of overseas supplier enterprises of the application materials for review, if necessary, review the organization's staff to apply for registration on-site assessment of supplier firms. On-site assessment including processing, quality control and management, detection, packaging and warehouse management.

(E) by AQSIQ audit compliance requirements, register, issue certificates of registration, and regular announced. Audited unqualified, no registration, two months before re-apply.

(F) registration certificate valid for three years. Application for renewal of the expiry review, the applicant should be effective before the expiry of three months to submit renewal application for review; supplier firms within the validity period of registration information changes, submit an application to change registration.

(G) the applicant does not truthfully provide the verified application materials, no registration, registered to withdraw its registration status.

Second, since March 15, 2009, the registered overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton, the consignee shall be the port of entry inspection and quarantine institutions overseas supplier enterprise registration certificate (copy), arrival at the destination when implementation of the test.

Import of non-registered overseas supplier enterprises of the cotton, the consignee shall be agreed in pre-shipment inspection contract in terms of trade, inspection and quarantine agencies or by the AQSIQ specify the qualifications of the implementation of pre-shipment inspection agency, the Immigration News inspection should provide the same basic situation of enterprises and their supply of goods issued declaration of conformity. Arrives, inspection and quarantine agencies should conduct on-site in the first arrival port to open package

Third, the State Administration of Quality Supervision overseas supplier enterprises of the credit assessment of quality management. Based on the actual arrival quality and compliance, overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton quality credit rating level to implement the list management, in accordance with relevant provisions of the credit assessment and monitoring of management.

Fourth, Hong Kong, China, Macao Special Administrative Region and China Taiwan's cotton supply business registration in accordance with the implementation of this announcement.


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