CCC certified products catalog


CCC certified products catalog

No. Name Class Name Class categories

Wire & Cable (5 species)
1 wire components
2 rubber-sheathed cables for mining
3 3kV and below rated voltage wire and cable for railway vehicles
4 and below rated voltage 3kV wire and cable for railway vehicles
5 Rated voltage 450/750 V and below PVC insulated wire and cable

Circuit switching and protection or Connection Devices
(6 species)
A plug and socket for household and similar purposes
2 household and similar fixed electrical installations
3 industrial plug and socket and coupler
Appliance couplers for household and similar devices
4 Thermal fuse
5 household and similar fixed electrical installations Electrical Enclosures
6 cartridge fuse-links of miniature fuses

Low Voltage (9 species)
1 leakage protection
2 circuit breakers (including RCCB, RCBO, MCB)
3 Fuse
4 low-voltage switch (isolator, isolating switches, fuse-combination)
5 other circuit protection devices (protection class: current limiter, circuit protection devices, overcurrent protection, thermal protection, overload relays, low-voltage electromechanical contactors, motor starters)
6 Relays (36V <voltage <1000V)
7 other switches (electrical switches, vacuum switches, pressure switches, proximity switches, foot switches, thermal switches, level switches, buttons, switches, limit switches, micro switch, inverted switch, temperature switch, limit switch, conversion switch, automatic transfer switches, knife switches)
8 other devices (contactors, motor starters, lights, auxiliary contact assembly, the master controller, AC semiconductor motor controllers and starters)
9 Low-voltage switchgear

Small power motors (1 species)
A small power motors (GB12350)
2 low-power motor (GB14711)

Power Tools (16 species)
1 electric drill (with impact drills)
2 electric screwdrivers and impact wrenches
3 Electric Grinder
4 Sander
Saw 5
6 Hammer (electric pickax)
7 does not spray flammable liquids electricity
8 electric scissors (with double-edged electric scissors, electric punching)
9 Tapping Machine
10 reciprocating saws (jig saws, saber saws)
11 plug-in concrete vibrator
12 electric chain saw
13 planer
14 electric hedge trimmers and electric grass shears
15 routers and trimmers
16 Electric stone cutters (including Marble cutters)

Welding (15 species)
1 Small AC arc welding machine
2 AC arc welding machine
3 DC arc welding machine
4 TIG arc welding machine
5 MIG / MAG welding machine
6 submerged arc welding machine
7 Plasma arc cutting machine
8, plasma arc welding machine
9 arc welding transformer electric shock device
Welding cable coupling device 10
11 welding machine
12 welding wire feeder
13 TIG welding torch
14 MIG / MAG welding torches
15 welding clamp

Household and similar equipment (18 species)
1 household refrigerators and food freezers: the effective volume of 500 liters or less, domestic or similar purposes, with or without frozen food storage refrigerators, frozen food storage containers and food freezers and their combinations
2 fans: single-phase AC and DC fans for household and similar purposes
3 air-conditioner: cooling capacity not more than 21,000 kcal / hour of air conditioners for household and similar purposes
4 motors - compressor: 5000W input power in the household and similar purposes the following air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment used in sealed (totally enclosed, semi-closed) motor - compressor
5 domestic electric washing machine: with or without water heating, dehydration or drying device unit of electric washing machine washing clothes
6 electric water heater: the water is heated to the boiling point of water below the fixed-and fast water heater
7 indoor heaters: household and similar purposes radiant heaters, panel heaters, liquid-filled heaters, fan heaters, convection heaters, tubular heaters
8 Vacuum cleaner: a dry and dust or liquid suction effect from the series wound DC motor commutator motor or vacuum cleaner
9 skin and hair care: as human or animal skin or hair care appliances with electric heating elements
10 Irons: household and similar purposes, and wet dry iron (steam) irons
11 cookers: the use of household and similar uses electromagnetic heating stove, which can contain one or more electromagnetic heating element
12 Oven: including rated volume not exceeding 10 liters of household and similar use ovens, bread baking, waffle irons and similar appliances
13 electric food processors: household electric food processors and similar multi-function food processor
14 microwave oven: more than one frequency in the 300MHz ISM band or electromagnetic energy to heat food and beverages for household appliances, it can function with coloring and steam
15 cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and similar appliances: including household cooking ranges, separate fixed oven, stove, desktop electric range, electric range of the stove, grills and griddles, oven, grill
16 Range Hood: cooking appliances installed in the home and the stove top, with fans, lights and control the regulators and the like to pump fumes of household appliances in the kitchen excluded
17 fluid heaters and hot and cold water dispenser
18 rice cookers: automatic heat using electric heating elements or heat-style-type cooker timer

Audio and Video Equipment (excluding broadcast audio equipment and car audio equipment) (16 species)
A total output power of 500W (RMS) following a single speaker and multiple speaker active speaker
2 Audio Power Amplifier
3 Tuner
4 of broadcast band radio
5 kinds of carrier in the form of audio and video recording, playback and processing equipment (including various types of carrier tapes and other forms of CD-ROM)
6 or more combinations of equipment
7 for the audio and video equipment power adapters
8 various imaging modalities of color television receivers
9 monitors (not including television receivers for automobiles)
10 black and white television receivers and other monochrome television receivers
11 imaging (show) tube
12 Recorder
13 Satellite television receivers
14 keyboard
15 antenna amplifier
16 voice and cable TV signal distribution system equipment and components

Information technology equipment (12 species)
A micro-computer
2 laptop
3 display device used in conjunction with computer
4 printing device connected to a computer
5 multi-purpose printing copier
6 scanner
7 computer built-in power charger and power adapter
8 Computer Game
9 learning machine
10 copier
11 servers
12 Finance and trade settlement equipment

Lighting equipment (voltage higher than 36V)
1 lamp
2 Ballast

Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (9 species)
A modem (audio modem, baseband modem, DS modem L, with card)
2 fax machines (fax, telephone voice and fax boards, multifunction fax machines)
3 fixed telephone terminal (ordinary telephone, CID telephone set, Card Management Telephone, recording telephone, payphone, smart card telephone, IC Card Public Telephone, hands-free telephones, digital telephones , telephone attachment)
Cordless telephone terminal 4 (analog cordless phones, digital cordless telephones)
5 PBX (PBX, switchboard telephone conference)
6 mobile user terminals (analog mobile phone, GSM digital cellular mobile station (handset and other terminal equipment) CDMA digital cellular mobile station (handset and other terminal equipment))
7 ISDN terminal (network termination equipment (NT1, NT1 +), terminal adapter (card) TA)
8 Data Terminal (store and forward fax / voice card, POS terminal, interface converters, hubs, and other data terminal)
9 Multimedia Terminal (Video Phone, video conference terminal, information on demand terminal, the other multimedia terminal)

Motor vehicles and safety parts (17 species)
1 vehicle: on the road in the highway and city driving M, N, O type of vehicle
2 motorcycle: engine cylinder capacity exceeding 50cc, or a maximum design speed exceeding 50Km / h motorcycle
3 motorcycle engine
4 Seat Belts
5 automotive exterior lighting and light signaling devices Products
6 motorcycle lighting and signaling devices
Retro-reflector 7 motor vehicle
8 vehicle traveling data recorder
9 Reflective logo
10 brake hose
11 car rearview mirror
12 Motorcycle Rearview Mirror
13 motor vehicle horn
14 car fuel tank
15 locks and hinges
16 Interior materials
17 seats and head restraints

Tire (3 species)
A car tire (car tire, car bias tires)
2 truck tire (mini truck tires, light truck tires, medium / heavy truck tires)
3 Motorcycle Tires: Motorcycle Tire (code that series, Metric series, Light type series, a small wheel diameter series)

Safety glass (3 types)
1 auto safety glass (A class of laminated glass, B class of laminated glass, tempered glass area, glass)
2 architectural safety glass (laminated glass, tempered glass),
3 railway rolling stock safety glass (laminated glass, tempered glass, the insulated glass)

Agricultural products (2 species)
1 Plant Protection Machinery (knapsack sprayer (device), knapsack duster (device), Knapsack Sprayer Duster)
2 Tractor: Tractor (single-cylinder diesel engine with 25 horsepower and below, or multi-cylinder diesel-powered)

Latex (1 species) a rubber condom

Medical products (7 types)
1 ECG machine
2 hemodialysis units
3 pump blood purification device pipeline
4 hollow fiber dialyzer
5 Implantable cardiac pacemakers
6 Medical X-ray diagnostic equipment
7 artificial heart-lung machine blood pump Roller, Roller throb pump, bubble-type oxygenator, heat exchanger, heat exchange tank, silicone rubber tubing)

Fire Products (3 species)
A fire alarm devices (point-type smoke detector fire alarm, fire alarm point type heat detectors, fire alarm controller, fire linkage control equipment, manual fire alarm button)
2 fire hose
3 sprinkler equipment (sprinkler, wet alarm valves, flow indicators, pressure switches for fire)

Security and Protection Products (4 species)
An intrusion detector (Microwave Doppler detectors, active infrared intrusion detectors, Passive infra-red detectors, microwave and passive infrared intrusion detectors, magnetic switches intrusion detectors, vibration intrusion detectors, Passive-type Glass break detectors)
2 Anti-theft alarm system
3 Car Alarm System
4 anti-theft safes (cabinets)

Decoration materials (3 kinds)
A solvent-based coatings
2 porcelain tile
3 concrete antifreeze

Toys (6 species)
1 Baby
2 electric toys
3 plastic toy
4 metal toys
5, toy
6 dolls

Wireless LAN products (1 species) a wireless LAN equipment and software

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