About CCC Certification


3C certification is the abbreviation of China Compulsory Certification


"Compulsory Product Certification" and the "Compulsory Certification Mark", "the first mandatory product certification catalog", and "the implementation of mandatory product certification issues related to notice." Mandatory product certification of the legal basis for compulsory product certification range of products, the use of compulsory product certification mark, mandatory product certification were unified supervision and management requirements. To sum up the main contents of the following areas:

(A) in accordance with WTO agreements and international rules, national law concerning human health and safety, animal and plant life and health, and environmental protection and public safety products to implement uniform, mandatory product certification system. Certification and Accreditation Administration of the unified national compulsory product certification system is responsible for the management and organization of implementation.

(B) the national compulsory product certification system, the main feature, the state announced a unified directory, to determine the uniform application of national standards, technical regulations and implementation procedures, development of a unified logo identity, to establish uniform fees. Where the inclusion of mandatory product certification directory of products must be approved by the certification bodies designated by the State qualified to obtain the relevant certificate and certification mark, before entering, importing, sales and service establishments in the business use.

(C) According to China's WTO commitments and reflects the principle of national treatment, the recently released "the first mandatory product certification catalog" is the original product covered by the import licensing system and mandatory safety and quality certification and safety of electromagnetic compatible with certified products based on doing the right amount of increase or decrease. Products covered by the two systems had 138 species, the release of "directory" to delete the original inclusion of compulsory certification management and treatment of medical ultrasound equipment and other 16 kinds of products, increasing the safety glass used in construction and other 10 kinds of products actually included in the "directory" of mandatory product certification 132 species.

(D) the state compulsory product certification using a unified logo. The new national compulsory certification mark name as "China Compulsory Certification", the English name "China Compulsory Certification", the initials can be referred to as "3C" sign. After the implementation of China Compulsory Certification mark will replace the original implementation of the "Great Wall" logo and "CCIB" mark.

(E) national unity to determine the fees and mandatory product certification standards. New fees and development charges, according to non-profit purposes and reflect the principle of national treatment, considering the current fees and certification fees with reference to overseas and similar charges.

(F) compulsory product certification system on August 1, 2002 into effect, the certification body officially start accepting applications. To ensure that the old and new smooth transition, the original product safety certification system and import safety and quality licensing system since August 1, 2003 onwards abolished.


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